​​Up Coming Performances

Matt usually performs acoustic with Acoustic Positivity or Guava Lava locally.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates. 


"PLAY YOU FUNKY"  Featuring Papa Guyo Guyocious on Drums.  Prince meets  Maroon 5.  Check it out now:
MDK new original releases:  

"TWO"  Articulate acoustic guitar and airy vocals open up to a grooving drum and bass  section.  The lyric is about blessings in early fatherhood.  

 Featuring Papa  Guyocious  on Drums.   Check it out now:


8/3/20 Matt has been back at work on new original material music which will be available soon...

"DISCOVERY MODE"  Featuring Papa Guyo Guyocious on Drums AND
 Dominic  Frasca on bass synths.  Click here: